With 70% of cats and 80% of dogs showing signs of oral disease by the age of two, we understand the importance of maintaining your pet’s oral health for their overall well-being. Our skilled veterinary team is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental surgery procedures to ensure your furry family members enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Our Full Dental Surgery Services:

General Anesthesia: Your pet’s comfort and safety are our top priorities, so we administer general anesthesia to ensure they are relaxed and pain-free throughout the dental procedure. We also monitor vital signs to ensure that your pet is not only comfortable but also safe during their dental procedure. All this allows our experienced veterinarians to work with precision and effectiveness while your pet remains completely at ease.

Ultrasonic Scaling: Ultrasonic scaling is a cutting-edge technique for removing plaque and tartar buildup from your pet’s teeth. This minimally invasive procedure uses high-frequency sound waves to break down deposits, preserving the enamel and promoting optimal oral health.

Surgical Tooth Extractions: In certain cases, dental issues may require surgical intervention. Our skilled veterinarians perform surgical tooth extractions with precision and care, ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet. Whether due to severe decay, infection, or overcrowding, our team is equipped to handle a range of dental extractions.

Dental X-rays: To thoroughly assess your pet’s oral health, we utilize dental X-rays. This allows us to identify hidden issues, such as abscesses, fractures, or problems below the gum line. With this detailed information, we can provide the most accurate and effective treatment plan for your pet.

Polishing: After scaling and any necessary extractions, we perform dental polishing to smooth the tooth surfaces. This helps to prevent future plaque and tartar buildup, promoting long-term oral health and a gleaming smile for your pet.