Our in-house radiography and ultrasound capabilities allow our veterinarians to peer beneath the skin to get a better look at your pet’s internal health. Diagnostic imaging isn’t exclusively for emergencies; x-rays and ultrasounds can be important in annual monitoring as well.

X-Rays (Radiography):

X-rays provide detailed images of bones, joints, and internal organs. Our digital radiography equipment produces high-quality images almost instantly, allowing for prompt diagnosis and treatment planning. Radiographs can also be sent to outside specialists for consult when further investigation is needed.

Ultrasound (Sonogram):

This non-invasive technique uses sound waves to produce an image of your pets internal organs. This technology is particularly valuable for examining soft tissues, such as the heart, liver, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract. Our experienced veterinarians use ultrasound to detect internal abnormalities, guide procedures, and monitor the progress of ongoing treatments.

Internal Medicine Consultation

When further insight is needed for more complex disease processes, Dr. Canavan utilizes Dr. Kelli Weaver, a traveling Board Certified Veterinary Internal Medicine specialist. Dr. Kelli Weaver has been practicing in the Tampa Bay area since 2005. She has thorough knowledge in diagnosis and management of complex diseases and performs Full abdominal ultrasound exams, echocardiograms (ultrasound of the heart and thoracic cavity), endoscopy, colonoscopy and more right here in our hospital!